Welcome to Little Laminade

Little Laminade

We are the “Laminade” family. No that is not our real last name, but here is a quick story on how we arrived with the name. Our oldest daughter decided to do a lemonade sale last summer and put out a sign that read “Laminade only 25 cents”. We loved it so much that we decided to call our blog Little Laminade. We are a family of 7 and our goal with this blog is to help parents raise their kids successfully. You’ll learn tips for Parenting, raising healthy and happy kids and we will share some great food ideas too! Below you’ll find more info about each of the 7 family members. 



I’m the father of the family. I’m 30 years old and currently work as a civil engineer in BC, Canada. 


I’m the Mother of the family. I’m 30 years old and I home-school our three oldest kids.  


I’m 8 years old and the oldest in my family. I love horses, art and crafts. As seen above I’m also the Entrepreneur in the family. 



I’m 7 years old and I like horses, art, and spending time with my mom and dad. 



I’m 5 years old and I’m the only boy in my family, this doesn’t bother me as I get to spend lots of time with my dad. My favorite sport is Soccer. 


Avia Grace

I’m 3 years old and I’m the cute one in the family. Like my older sisters, I like arts and crafts. 

Kimberly Joy

At 1 years old and I’m the youngest in the family. I just like to eat and sleep, but I’m sure as I grow older my true interest will show.